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Our 2018-2019 Girl Ambassadors!

Drawing on the life and legacy of Matilda Joslyn Gage, the Girl Ambassadors for Human Rights program empowers and inspires young women to become agents of change on the local, national, and global stage. 

Meetings, speakers, trips and activities cover social justice issues including racism, immigration, reproductive rights, human trafficking, the suffrage movement and LGBTQIA rights -- all from the parlor of one of our nation’s most influential suffragists. Girl Ambassadors continues the nationally-recognized model we developed in 2012 with funding received from the State Department through the American Alliance of Museums. 2019-2020 will be the program’s eighth year.

Each Girl Ambassador has the opportunity to:

· Develop her voice

· Work with other young women from across our community 

· Engage in respectful, supportive dialogue of vital problems

· Develop cultural literary and meet with girls and leaders from the Akwesasne Mohawk community 

· Learn from each other and from experts and community leaders in talks

· Volunteer in support of an issue that matters to her

· Create social justice programs 

Applicants will be notified of acceptance via email. We can accept up to three students per high school, and a total of 20 students. Twelve high schools were represented last year.


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2019-2020 Girl Ambassador Program application

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2018-2019 GIrl Ambassador Program Activities Summary



 “Violence in Memory”- Sexual Abuse and Violence

  • Held at Syracuse University Lightworks

G.A. toured a photographic exhibit by female artists that addressed women’s issues of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and generational family memory. They held a Dialogue on different forms of domestic violence, how Ambassadors can support women and LBGTQ+ populations who have experienced domestic violence, how violence distorts memory, and how children are damaged by domestic violence and sexual abuse.

“United Hands Against Human Trafficking”

  • Held at Lemoyne College in Partnership with Lemoyne College’s Upward Bound Program. 

(A minute to minute transcript of the Dialogue was shared in real time on Facebook, with members of the Syracuse, U.S., and International population responding to the Dialogue and posting comments.) . The Dialogue addressed how Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse creating vulnerable victims for Human Trafficking, men as allies in ending Human Trafficking, how young people can create awareness of trafficking issues and empower each other to help end it.  

NOTE: The Ambassadors that coordinated this Dialogue were invited to present on the George Kilpatrick Radio Show after Mr. Kilpatrick participated in the Facebook real-time Dialogue. 

“Witness to Injustice” Workshop and Dialogue - NOON (Neighbors of the Onondagas)

  • Workshop and Dialogue held at Interfaith Works and included youth participants from the  Gage Girl Ambassadors, Interfaith Seeds For Peace, the Syracuse Community Choir, and the Onondaga Nation. 

The Workshop and Dialogue was an interactive education program that addressed the impact of the European Invasion of the Americas on Native populations through European and Native primary documents, and how Native populations were and continued to be affected. 

NOTE: Feedback from the Girl Ambassadors that attended the workshop/dialogue was anger, a feeling of betrayal that their schools do not address the truth of this history, and a need by the Ambassadors to do something to share what they had learned in the Witness project.

“Conversations Among Us” - A Roadmap for Empowering Girls and Women

  • Held in NY City, this series of Dialogues and Presentations was sponsored by the Women’s Bar Association of New York State

A series of Presentations, Conversations, and Dialogues on Generational Mentorship and the responsibilities Women and Girls have in passing on Social Justice awareness and responsibility to the next generation. 

International Text Dialogue - Islamic Girls Senior High School

  • Located in Suhum, Ghana the Islamic Girls Senior High School was founded by the Imams of their community.  The residential High School serves both      Muslim and Christian girls from Suhum and the region that surrounds that      town.  

Technology is a challenge in Ghana, and when the planned SKYPE failed on their end, the Girl Ambassadors rallied, and held the dialogue with the girl’s school through phone texts! The Dialogue addressed girl empowerment in Ghana and in the United States, the goals that girls have for their lives in both Nations, and an examination of the impact that educating girls has on Social Justice and the development of a nation.  

“Our Hopes and Dreams” - Generational Dialogue

  • Mothers, Sisters, and Women Community Mentors of the Girl Ambassadors attended this Dialogue at the Gage Center

This Generational Dialogue addressed the differences in the lives of women in different generations, the hopes and dreams that Mother’s and older significant others had for their own lives and how being a woman impacted on their dreams, and lastly the hopes and dreams that the older generation has for their daughters and mentees. 

“The Power of Language” - Women’s Rights, Language, and Gender Justice

  • Training Dialogue held by Girl Ambassador Mentors for Girl Ambassadors at the Gage Center

The Dialogue addressed slang and rhetoric used among teens that denigrates, stereotypes, oppresses, and damages how girls are viewed in society and how girls themselves often promote this use of language.

“Native Americans and Intolerance in Onondaga County High Schools” 

  • Training Dialogue held by Girl Ambassador Mentors for Girl Ambassadors at Gage Center

A male Native student from Fayetteville High School requested and joined the Ambassadors in this Dialogue addressing T-shirts with Native stereotypes were being worn and sold in the school, how anti-bullying programs are ineffective in addressing this type of prevalent intolerance and bullying in Onondaga County high schools, and how the Ambassadors could be allies in fighting this intolerance.

“Pretty Girls Rock Washcloths and Towels”

The Ambassadors assisted PGR, “at-risk” girls 6-18 years old, in assembling 300 personal care kits that were donated to five Women’s Shelters in Onondaga County, and donated 250 towels for the care kits to this annual partnership.

“United Nations Commission on the Status of Women”

The Girl Ambassadors along with Parent and Community Chaperones traveled to New York City to attend United Nations Panels addressing a variety of issues affecting women around the world, and participated in the dialogues and discussions at the panels.

“Annual Mohawk Nation Cultural Immersion and Education Program”

Hosted by Bear Clan Mother Louise McDonald, the Girl Ambassadors, along with Parent Chaperones and a guest from the Women’s Bar Association of NY State, traveled to Akwesasne NY to attend educational sessions addressing Mohawk culture, the challenges of teen youth in Akwesasne, and women’s social justice issues in their Nation.

Fundraisers: “Our Mother’s Recipes”, “Henna Party”, and “Chipotle Dinner”

The Girl Ambassadors held three fundraisers this year:

“Our Mother’s Recipes” - Ambassadors shared food and recipes from their varied cultural heritages, with food represented from around the world.

“Henna Party” - Our Ambassadors from Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cultures held a Henna Party during the “Our Mother’s Recipes” fundraiser, sharing their cultures through videos, a display, and Henna tattoos..

“Chipotle Dinner” - The Ambassadors held a Chipotle Restaurant Fundraiser, inviting community and family and acted as host with their presence during the fundraiser.Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

“The Princess Ball”

Ambassadors volunteered at the McKinley Brighton Elementary first annual “Princess Ball” for over 200 girls and their families on the southside of Syracuse.

“Annual Women’s March” 

Girl Ambassadors attended the Annual Women’s March, some traveling to Seneca Falls, and some attending the march in Syracuse, NY.

“Power to You” - Girl Ambassador’ Empowerment Program for Youth

In response to attending N.O.O.N.’s “Witness to Injustice” program, the Girl Ambassadors created a youth Women’s Rights and Empowerment Program using Gage and her Social Justice work as a tool by which youth can examine their own lives, set goals for their community and for themselves, and be agents of change.If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Girl Ambassadors for Human Rights: Akwesasne Ambassadorship